2021年 研究業績(学会発表)
1) JACET 60th Commemorative International Convention: Longitudinal Research on Fluency of L2 English Conversations by High School Learners
2) 英語コーパス学会第47回大会:Verification of the Effectiveness of 20 Months of Speaking Lessons for High School Learners ―An Analysis of Fluency on the Aptis Speaking Test―
3) 第45回群馬研究大会:高校生スピーキング(やりとり)の流暢性・複雑性の縦断的研究


「大学外では映画観賞や読書、スクラップなどをしています。これまで1年以上英語を教えており、とても楽しいと感じています。生徒達にはいつも、違う言語を学ぶことは簡単ではないけれども、間違いを恐れずそこから学びを得るように教えています。」“If you believe you can, you will!”

Hello, my name is Chawanrat Oe Valpanit, but please call me Oe for short. I am from Thailand, but I went to school in the US. I am a MEXT scholarship student studying at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. I am in the School of Japan Studies, and I plan to major in Social Sciences. I use most of my free time watching movies, reading books, and scrapbooking. I have been teaching English for more than a year now, and I enjoy it very much. I always tell my students that learning another language is not easy, and it is totally fine to make mistakes as long as you learn from them!


Hi, I’m Chan! I was born and raised in Malaysia, and am now pursuing my degree at International Christian University Tokyo, majoring in Linguistics! I speak several languages, such as English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, and to some extent, Cantonese. I hope to pursue a career in linguistics, as I believe that linguistics can benefit anyone, especially those who are learning a second language. I’m also a big fan of English Literature (my favourite poet is John Keats!), as I really enjoy the way language can be used as a medium of expression. When I’m not doing linguistics, you can probably find me making (and drinking) coffee, taking and editing photos, playing table tennis, or just reading.



Hello! My name is Aisha Johari, a Singaporean student currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Whilst my major is Japan Studies, I have a great interest in Sociology and Political Science. I have tutoring experience in English and Humanities Subjects and love exploring new ideas with students. When I am not in school, I am constantly engaged in participating and performing in Theatre as well as doing art. I hope to make my lessons as fun, relaxed and enjoyable as possible so that students will learn to love the English language and yearn to learn and use it more!




Hello, my name is Evan Barker! I am Japanese-American and I grew up in New York for the first 17 years of my life. Now you might be asking yourself「その顔ってBarkerか?」 . The truth is, my dad is half and therefore, I’m a quarter. Brought up in a diverse household with English-speaking parents contributed me (and my siblings) to not being able to speak Japanese natively, and as a result, I only started learning Japanese 4 years ago. Currently, I’m studying towards N2 proficiency, and soon I will aim for proficiency in another language, Spanish. For university I decided to come to Japan and studied at International Christian University, I majored in Education. As someone who has always had trouble learning, I’ve always felt an affinity towards the teachings of education. When I’m not teaching, I’m cutting hair as a barber at a vocational school.

山崎美香 Mika Yamazaki

New York University流通学科卒業。 小学校・中学校は、東京のアメリカン・スクールインジャパンで学ぶ。 大学卒業後、ニューヨーク・ウォール街の仕事に従事。帰国後、外国人向け不動産賃貸の契約業務、外資系大手証券会社での秘書業務・翻訳・通訳業務に従事後、英語教育に従事 。 小学生から高校生、帰国子女、社会人向け英語教育まで幅広く担当。

Are you looking for fun English lessons for returnees full of useful information?
Mika (bi-cultural New York University grad who lived in the U.S. for about 15 years) can end that search! One on one lessons can be done via Zoom or in person.

張正 Chou Sei

TUFS オープンアカデミー講師
中国黒龍江大学卒、東京外国語大学博士後期課程満期修了退学。 東京外国語大学特別研究員。専門は、第二言語習得・中国語教育

John Cleaver

米国屈指の名門大学Swarthmore College(スワースモア大学)で歴史学を学ぶ。2004-2005年アメリカンスクールインジャパンの教師として赴任のかたわらリンガハウスで初代英語講師として子供たちに英会話を教える。現在、ニューヨークで弁護士として勤務。



実用英語技能検定1級、TOEIC 940点



TOEIC 960点



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